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Meredith, Yannick and Dexter Favre

Who are they?

A native of North Carolina, Meredith is an expert Entomologist and Extension Agent. Stationed in Sanford, Lee County, she manages the Farmer's Market and is the Local Food Coordinator. She graduated from UNC and went on to have a successful career in the Biotech industry as an Entomologist, and subsequently received a Masters of Science from NC State University for her work on flour beetle genetics. Meredith left the corporate world to work in the public sector where she can have a greater impact on her local community.


Born and raised in the mountains of eastern France, Yannick grew up on a dairy cow operation run by his grandparents. He graduated from the University of Science of Lyon with a degree in Biological Engineering and Agronomy. This launched a career with Bayer Cropscience and relocation to the USA and a continuance of specialization within Plant Biotech. After 12 years in the industry and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from NCSU in his pocket, Yannick left Bayer to farm full-time on a diversified veggie and flower farm near Raleigh, NC. Two years later he was missing the laboratory environment and is now working for NCSU as a tissue culture specialist working on conifer micropropagation and genetics for the Christmas Tree Genetics Program.

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